"Wonderful Women"

(Ladies Bible Class)


We are blessed with very active ladies in our congregation. Here are some places to get involved:


Card Mission
The ladies class is strong in providing a card to those in the community, church members, foreign missionaries, or those just needing some words of encouragement. 


Annual School Support

Supporting the children of our local community is expressed every year. Prior to school starting, the ladies class collects school supplies to donate to the school. The principal then distributes the supplies to the children that were unable to purchase their necessary supplies for school.


Clothing Drive
The ladies class sponsors a clothing drive. The clothing collected was distributed to local families in need, free of charge.    


Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt

Annually the ladies class sponsors an Easter Egg hunt for the children in our local community. Each year approximately 50 or more children participate in the egg hunt.   Every child goes home with a "prize".


Christmas Family Sponsor

Each year the ladies class adopts a family for the holidays. Members of the family are divided and each member of the ladies class purchases a gift for the selected  family.


Quarterly Birthday Dinner 

Each quarter the ladies class gets together to celebrate the birthdays of each member for that quarter. Supporting each other and celebrating together is important in  our church family.  


Bridal & Baby Showers

Volunteers from the ladies class take the opportunity to set up, organize and serve at the Bridal or Baby showers for the young couples of our church family.